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(Example: How can I use HTML in my broadcasts?)

How can I improve my open rate?

When sending out a broadcast, the purpose is to entice readers to visit your site or request information about your product or service. Your subject line allows you about three seconds and sixty characters to excite your reader and interest them in what you have to offer.

So, how do you get your recipient to open your mail?

Your recipient may get quite a bit of mail on any given day, so you must set yourself apart from the rest. There are two major ways to do this, both of which we will discuss here.

The first opportunity you have to get your broadcast noticed is by sheer visual appeal. Generally, most subject lines are black text, possibly with some bold font. Why not take advantage of this situation to stand out?

You can use simple HTML tags to spice up your subject line.
<b>This makes it bold</b>

<i>This will italicize your text.</i>

<u>This underlines it!</u>

If you want to break free from the black and white mold, try changing your font color.

<font color = "DC143C">Voila! Color! </font>

What is DC143C? It's the code for crimson. You can use this web page to insert color into your subject line:

Color Codes

Remember, you always need the ending tag (ex. as shown above). Also, when using multiple tags, the ending tags are in the reverse order, as shown in the text below.

Ready to practice? Go to your notepad program. Try something simple like Test!

Save this as an .html file.

Then, open your internet explorer or firefox page. Go to "File" then "Open" and open up the saved document.

Now you can see it as your recipient will!

Aside from making your subject line aesthetically pleasing, you also need to make it interesting. But not "too" interesting? Yes. Any email marketing guru will tell you that studies show that email open rates decrease when using buzz words, special characters ($, #, (, *) or hard to follow sentences. It should be brief and to the point.

Some things to consider:

Brevity. There's no competition for whose subject line is longest. In fact, it may be to your detriment:

Keeping Subject Lines Brief

Sometimes it's best to keep it short and sweet.

Use proper grammar. Nothing is more grating on someone's nerves than seeing your subject line full of glaring spelling errors and too many commas. They assume that your information inside will be the same way.

First impressions are important.

Don't be a spammer. Refrain from using special characters and using words and phrases like "Free!" or "You've won a prize". We've all seen these emails before. We've all deleted these emails before.

When in doubt, take some tips from these terrific sites regarding online marketing. Learn the "rules" to subject lines and how to create the perfect one for your needs.

Persuasive Subject Lines

Writing Email Subject Lines

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