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How can I know that DesktopLightning is safe and won't harm my computer or make it vulnerable to any threats?

We have extensively tested our software to make sure that it is safe to run. After all, we run it ourselves.

With that said, it is impossible in this day and age to guarantee that any program is safe. As you probably know, even Internet Explorer has had security holes.

If you're running a virus scanner and firewall software, running DesktopLightning should not introduce any new risks than browsing the web normally would.

We use the HTTP protocol to communicate with our server, so it actually doesn't even open any more ports to use DesktopLightning than it does to browse the web.

Our messages are able to get around spam filters and the like not because we have bypassed any security systems, but rather because we use our own proprietary messaging system that has nothing to do with email.

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